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Who We Are

Posted by Chelsey Montano on

Who is the face behind The Rustic Poppy?

Well to be fair, there is more than one. We are a family business and we all play a part in completing every single order. My husband cuts EVERY SINGLE bow, I do all the making of them, my oldest son puts all the labels on the packages and my youngest son makes sure all the packages are in the bags to take to the post office.

When did The Rustic Poppy begin? We decided to start making bows on May 5, 2019. Who inspired this business? It's simple, my daughter Brynley. As a mom to two boys (Sawyer + Fynn), I was convinced that I was made to be a boy mom. Until I found out I was having a baby girl. It was literally one of the happiest days of my life! I remember crying uncontrollably because I couldn't believe it and I was so happy to be welcoming her into our family. 

I went crazy with unicorn decorations, pink glitter, baby shoes and bows. After Brynley was born on March 15, 2019 I found a bow company that was sold in Nordstrom and I was paying $15 a bow (YIKES!) Even though she looked so cute in them, the light bulb went off and I told my husband (Patrick) that I could totally create bows for more then 1/2 the cost that I was paying. The idea motivated me to find the softest fabrics, nylons and best prices so that I could offer quality bows for a great price. 

This was the first head wrap I made: 

Brynley at 8 weeks old in our first head wrap


We have learned A LOT and have changed our bows dramatically but we are at a place where I feel we have perfected our style of bow we want to offer (for now). I have so many ideas on what I want this company to stand for and bring to our customers. We have recently expanded into handmade clothing and it truly brings me so much joy. Offering affordable, one of a kind clothing with the perfect matching bow is where my heart is right now. I have seamstress all over the US that are stay at home moms or grandma's that now get the joy of creating clothing for your little ones.

This journey is just beginning and I hope you're around for it all. If you're new to our brand or a returning customer, thank you for being apart of our family and just know we truly appreciate each and everyone of you.



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